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Duncan Baker-Brown:

Duncan Baker-Brown, Co-Founder, BBM Sustainable Design Limited


A material that is becoming a game changer in the industry, as well as multiple other sectors, is mycelium. These are thin root-like fibres from fungi that, when dried, can be used as a super strong, water, mould and fire resistant building material for insulation or construction. It is organic, non-toxic and therefore fully compostable once it has come to the end of its useful life in buildings. The material is about to receive BBA certification and it will change the industry when it does.

Another benefit of this material is that it can grow in a small space in any location. For example, timber and straw are sustainable materials but require excessive land to grow. Instead of finding fields, forests or other large spaces to sustainably grow materials, construction teams can grow mycelium in a shipping container or any building on or near the site.

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