05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

Elmhurst Launches Almanac for 2023: Turning the Dial
Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd

Elmhurst Launches Almanac for 2023: Turning the Dial

The 2023 Elmhurst Almanac calls on UK Government to adopt the ‘Three Cs’ approach to EPCs. Ensuring that equal focus is placed on Cost, Consumption, and Carbon emissions in EPCs.


At Elmhurst Energy, we believe that Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) need to be updated in order to better support the journey to net zero, address fuel poverty, and enhance the quality of our buildings. This call to action has been raised within our new 2023 Almanac that was recently published.

Our Almanac, ‘Turning the Dial’, calls on the UK Government to adopt what we refer to as the ‘Three Cs’ approach to EPCs. This approach would ensure that equal focus is placed on energy cost, energy consumption, and carbon emissions in EPCs.

This change is needed as part of the EPC Action Plan, first published in 2020 and still to be implemented fully.

Elmhurst Energy’s Managing Director, Stuart Fairlie says:

“Against a backdrop of rising fuel poverty, environmental pressures and energy security concerns, EPCs are coming in for a lot of scrutiny and criticism. This is understandable, as the EPC as it exists now is over 15 years old. It was designed then simply as a cost metric, showing how expensive or cheap a home is to run.

“This is now too basic a measuring stick for the challenges we face today. People care about cost, energy consumption and carbon emissions. The time is now right to update the EPC so that it can more easily communicate vital information about the predicted and actual energy use and carbon emissions of a building.”

As well as detailing energy efficiency legislative and regulatory developments over the last year, the almanac features a list of future policy recommendations, including:

Redesign the EPC – Change the EPC to include the ‘Three Cs’: energy consumption, energy cost and carbon emissions.

Use the ‘Golden Triangle’ for EPCs – Provide the building’s asset rating – the predicted energy cost and consumption of a building based on average occupancy, its occupancy rating – the predicted energy consumption of a building based on the people using it – and its energy consumption (the energy the building actually uses).

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