05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

Healthy living with STEICO insulation and construction products

Healthy living with STEICO insulation and construction products

STEICO products features and benefits at a glance


– Winter cold protection
Proper thermal insulation is key for low heating energy requirements. Of all the insulating materials made from renewable raw materials, wood fibre insulating materials offer the best insulating performance. The flexible wood fibre insulation batts STEICOflex 036 has the lowest λD-value (0.036) of all natural insulation materials.

– Summer heat protection
Summers are getting hotter and hotter. This has a noticeable impact on living comfort. Attic flats in particular heat up strongly in summer, as the roof offers the sun a lot of surface to attack. STEICO wood fibre insulation materials can minimise this effect and provide comfortable conditions as heat protection.

– Rain and moisture protection
STEICO sarking and sheathing boards and wall panels are hydrophobic, i.e., water-repellent. Rainwater’s surface tension cannot break through sarking boards like STEICOuniversal dry but runs off the surface. The panels are provided with a tightly closing, all-round tongue and groove profile and thus offer a rainproofing function and serve as temporary covering.

– Sound protection
Stressful background noise such as traffic or construction sites in the neighbourhood reduce the feeling of well-being at home – although peace and quiet is important for our health. If you want somewhere more peaceful to retreat to, you can achieve a lot with optimal building insulation.

– Healthy homes
STEICO insulation materials are regularly and independently inspected and tested. The IBR test seals certifies for instance that STEICO products are harmless in terms of building biology.

– Fire protection
Wood also boasts impressive fire protection features. Despite their flammability, wooden structures and STEICO wood fibre insulation materials exhibit a high degree of fire resistance.

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