05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London


Airex – Smart Air Brick to improve the energy efficiency of homes

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Airex is a smart ventilation control (smart air brick) that reduces the home’s heat loss while maintaining healthy indoor environment.

Heating buildings is responsible for 36% of CO2 emissions across Europe, and recent research demonstrated that air bricks (air ventilation holes that provide natural airflow) are responsible for up to 10-15% of the home’s heat loss. At the same time, if occupants block these air vents permanently, it could cause damp and condensation issues, potentially risking residents’ health.

The AirEx brick is a retrofit replacement is existing air bricks in dwellings. The AirEx bricks have in-built sensors to measure the environmental conditions (such as temperature and relative humidity and indoor air quality) and use smart software algorithms to automatically regulate airflow.
Each brick opens to reduce humidity and stop mould and damp, and closes to reduce heat loss and improve thermal comfort.

Furthermore, the real time data collected from its smart sensors reduces the risk of damp damages in the property through automatic alerts.

Installation of the vents is quick, simple and hassle free. It takes our certified installers around an hour per home to fit, no wiring or specialist electrician work is needed.
The AirEx home hub is installed inside of a home and is connected to the WiFi router. Once up and running, AirEx does not require any ongoing occupant interaction to operate effectively – fit and forget.

The benefits of using Airex are:

• Reduce overall fabric heat loss (and annual heating energy bills) by 12%;
• Pays back in 2-3 years through reduced energy bills;
• Reduce the home’s operational carbon emission by 230 – 630 kg CO2e / year;
• Improve EPC by 2-3 points;
• Protect residents’ health by reducing damp & mould risk (through smart control of airflow);
• Reduce maintenance costs by allowing preventative maintenance (through live property diagnostics).

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