05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

We are a strategic B2B cognitive marketing communications agency working with construction and building materials clients.

The BCM approach puts the customer firmly at the forefront of all we do. The improvements we have seen in marketing technology, increasing channels and digitalisation has in many ways lost sight of the customer and the true principles of B2B. So, it’s time to stop being busy, and start being productive. Psychology and behavioral economics are all about understanding the “what, why, when and how” we buy – it’s the marketer’s holy grail. And not just in B2C. BCM has introduced this exciting new approach to the world of B2B.

We know B2B is complex, especially for sectors such as construction and building materials where the average decision-making unit now has 7 people, all of whom need to be communicated within a timely, relevant, and above all engaging way. But the reality of the matter is that an estimated 95% of the B2B buying decision process takes place in the unconscious mind.

Emotional behaviour is in fact now recognised as the critical foundation of B2B marketers’ ability not merely to segment and target their audiences, but to cognitively influence each audience’s decision-making process.

With this applied insight, we help you to grow relevant and engaging brands, make complicated messages clear and simple, and demonstrate profitable long-term growth.

True insight, applied, leads to business success.

Don’t waste your marketing budgets on activity that doesn’t reach or ultimately engage with your customer. We work with construction sector clients to simplify the complicated. We help elevate brands by telling the story of sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity, and look to shorten the buying timeline and increase revenue. We do this through thought-leadership content and design excellence.

Contact us – BCM – experts in B2B cognitive marketing communications.

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Voices in Construction Panel

Voices in Construction Panel

As experts in B2B cognitive marketing, we use customer, sector and industry insights to inform our marketing communications. This is how our Voices In Construction industry insight panel was formed.

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