05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

05 - 07 March 2024 | ExCeL, London

Innovation Partner Presentations – Leviat, FSD Active Limited, Fronius UK, WoodCube, Windhager

This session will see product and innovation presentations from Innovation Partners, who you can also visit on the Innovation Trail.

14.45-15.00 Innovative windpost helps meet stringent thermal specifications
The revolutionary Ancon Thermal Windpost (TWP2) is designed to span vertically between floors, to provide additional lateral support for panels of masonry. It has been specially designed and engineered to minimise thermal bridging in masonry cavity walls and offers up to an impressive 70% reduction in thermal transmission through the span of the windpost.
The Ancon Thermal Windpost, featuring integral non-combustible insulation, guarantees that the BRE level for thermal performance is met in all cases – an assurance otherwise unseen on the windpost market. This game-changing product is helping both contractors and building designers alike to realise the thermal performance aspirations of the detail.
Presenter: Sara Dawes, Regional Technical Sales Manager, Leviat

15.05-15.20 CALM®FLOOR Active Mass Dampers for Next Generation Sustainable Floor Structures
CALM®FLOOR is an innovative technology to improve vibration performance of floor structures without the wasteful use of excessive structural materials. Approximately 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to floor construction – five times the amount produced by the whole aviation industry! Dealing with floor vibrations in a modern and sophisticated way can significantly reduce these emissions.
CALMFLOOR works like noise cancelling headphones for floors, continuously sensing and controlling vibrations. CALMFLOOR units can be used as a retrofit to existing floors to improve performance, or in new builds to reduce embodied carbon and hence contribute to Net Zero construction targets.
Presenter: Dr Paul Reynolds, CEO of FSD Active Limited

15.25-15.40 Advantage Austrian Trade Commission – Advantage Austria
Sustainable Manufacturing for the Solar Industry
Fronius International are an Austrian manufacturer of solar inverters and energy management products for residential and commercial installations. With a strong focus on European, quality manufacturing, this presentation will highlight the company’s core value of sustainability for the entire product lifecycle and the broader business operations.
Presenter: David Porter, Fronius UK

Easy, flexible, close to nature – the modular timber system that doesn’t leave its mark
Can the delivery of today’s buildings be compatible with the needs of our future planet?
The WOOD CUBE house is a fully modular timber building solution, expandable or downsizeable many years after purchase. Built on screw foundations, no concrete wastelands are created. The WOOD CUBE can be adapted to meet the needs of future generations or it can be completely deconstructed and relocated leaving nature to carry on.
Presenter: Andrea Binggeli, CEO and Founder, WoodCube

Low Carbon Heating Solutions
Windhager are a leading manufacturer of biomass heating systems. Founded in 1921, Windhager are renowned for high quality and innovation.Their comprehensive range of biomass boilers encompasses log, wood chip and wood pellet appliances complimented with a range or weather compensating heating controls.
Presenter: Oliver Duckworth, Managing Director, Windhager UK

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