03-05 March 2020 / ExCeL, London
Tue & Wed 10:00 – 18:00, Thu 10:00 – 16:00



  • 3D Repo Ltd

    Stand: F130
    3D Repo will be showcasing the CR&D funded project for which we are a lead partner; AEC Delta Mobility. The project was funded from the ISCF Transforming Construction Challenge and aims to increase pr ...
    • Innovation Zone
  • 4Silence BV

    Stand: H122
    4Silence stands for reducing noise pollution by traffic. Sustainable noise reduction, innovative solutions, scientifically founded and proven results.  Next to absorbing traffic noise by means of sile ...
    • Innovation Partner
  • 540 WORLD LLP

    Stand: E110,E111
    The 540 WORLD team offers highly effective Cradle to Cradle® sustainability solutions in the UK and Europe to businesses and 'green' product innovators looking to future-proof their product, project, ...
    • Innovation Zone
  • The A. Proctor Group has, for 50 years, been serving the construction industry with an extensive portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and membrane products. A trusted brand with archite ...
    • Offsite
  • Our modular construction system allows fully bespoke houses to be built onsite in five days by using only two unskilled labourers and no lifting equipment. We are not joking when we say that the desig ...
  • Accoya

    Stand: E111
    Accoya is manufacturered by Accsys at the Arnhem plant in the Netherlands via a process is called acetylation. Acetylation alters the cell structure of the wood to resist distortion. Certified Cradle ...
    • Innovation Zone
  • AceOn Group

    Stand: C150
    Over the last ten years the UK domestic renewable energy market has radically changed leaving some immediate challenges for the sector. Domestic energy will play a huge part in achieving Government ta ...
    • Energy
  • ACO is a world leader in the design, development and implementation of sustainable drainage systems. For over 50 years, this expertise has pioneered unique solutions in award-winning surface water man ...
    • Innovation Partner
    • Critical Infrastructure
  • The Active Building Centre is transforming UK construction and energy through the deployment of Active Buildings that integrate renewable energy technologies and intelligent controls for heat, power a ...
  • AcumenMobile

    Stand: C71
    Acumen Site Safety Management Software delivers truly innovative, real-time construction safety management for your work force. Through real-time capabilities, social interaction and artificial intell ...
    • Buildings
  • Adaptavate Ltd

    Stand: BIP5
    Adaptavate are an award-winning company that is focussed on developing and commercialising material solutions that disrupt the conventional construction industry. We produce construction products that ...
  • Advantage Austria is the first point of contact for UK companies looking for Austrian business partners, supply chain sources and advice on doing business with Austria. We are Austria's official Trade ...
    • Buildings
  • Aereco develops innovative solutions with demand-controlled ventilation (DCV)  systems, meeting the Building challenges with regard to energy efficiency and indoor air quality for over 35 years. Aerec ...
    • Innovation Partner
    • Buildings
  • AIREN srl

    Stand: B80
    ENERI is the trademark of AIREN s.r.l. "Air engineering", a company specialized in inflatable constructions. The company deals with research and development in the field of pneumatics membrane. Thanks ...
    • Buildings
  • Airex

    Stand: BIP 3
  • Airex

    Stand: IP15
  • AJ Products (UK) Ltd. is a supplier of office and workplace furniture, school furniture, lockers and changing room facilities, canteen furniture, shelving and racking, premises management equipment an ...
    • Interiors
  • Alideck

    Stand: D61
    AliDeck have co-developed a non-combustible complete aluminium quick fit, easy-to-install decking system to enable installation crews around the globe to be on and off site as fast and efficiently as ...
    • Buildings
  • From Design to installation All Foundations (UK) Ltd is a piling and ground engineering company specialising in a wide range of piling disciplines which include: Piling Mini Piling Underpinning Founda ...
    • Buildings
  • Allot

    Stand: BIP 6
    At Allot, we facilitate the pairing of local community groups in need of space with high-quality and underused office space in London, helping areas to thrive, communities to flourish and businesses t ...
  • Alsecco UK Ltd

    Stand: D115
    alsecco UK design and manufacture systems and products that help you create iconic façades. Ventilated, insulated or coated, alsecco manufacture and supply systems that can fulfil the architectural, p ...
    • Buildings
  • APM Trading

    Stand: D22
    APM Trading is master distributors of Ramco Concrete Fibre Cement and Calcium Silicate Boards, Manufacturing internal walls, external walls and roofs for Modula Housing.  
    • Buildings
  • Aquilar offers Leak Detection Solutions for Commercial & Residential properties.  Aquilar are a distributor and manufacturer of leak detection equipment providing solutions for detecting water, fuel & ...
    • Buildings
  • Arbnco

    Stand: C60
    arbnco is a building performance technology company developing disruptive and scalable solutions for the global market. Through the utilisation of our innovative software solutions, we empower organis ...
    • Buildings

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